Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How Many Times Does It Take For You To Hear No, Before You Finally Give Up?

So honestly, how many times do you get told no, before you just stop bothering?

Seriously? I am curious.

I think I always keep trying, because I hope that eventually the person will come round to my point of view, and accept. However, lately I have been less then charitable in my views and asking.

I have given up on a lot of things, because it is not worth the effort to hear the same negative every time, and get the same oh my fucking god how am I going to get out of this one Batman, look. I know that sounds bad.

And, I am not angry so much as disappointed, because I pretty much figured that it would happen that way, mostly because I am a pessimist at heart. I guess I am the dark emo girl inside. The bubbly non emo girl on the outside. Sort of like dark chocolate encased white chocolate. Or something like that.

Mmmmmm chocolate. Which reminds of some study someone somewhere did that said if you try to avoid chocolate, you end up gorging on it later. If that's not a go for it, I'm not sure what is!!


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