Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things I have Learned In 3 Years

1.) The little guy never wins.

2.) Honesty is rewarded with hostility, and lies.

3.) Do unto others etc., is a bunch o' crap.

4.) The little guy never wins.

5.) The law is not on your side, it is on the side of the corporations.

6.) Surgery is not in fact worth the amount billed, ever.

7.) Pain and suffering are a joke. You just have to deal with it.

8.) No matter what you do you are always wrong.

9.) Everyone else would handle the situation differently.

10.) It doesn't matter that no one else has had to live it, you still did it wrong, which also means you are a dumb ass.

11.) People think they have the right to comment on something, the facts of which they haven't the foggiest.

12.) The little guy always gets stomped into tiny, little molecule size pieces.

13.) You will lose faith in humanity.

14.) You will in fact feel as stupid as said observers think you are.

15.) Large multi-million dollar corporations are the devil, and they suck the life out of you for a price.

16.) Everyone has a price. Everyone.

17.) You will never get what you want.

18.) Cooperation gets you dick.

19.) I hate the state of Ohio, more specifically the law makers who are so short sighted that they cannot see the harm their policies do to said little guy, because the big devils are busy paying them off.

20.) Boycotting a business for the principle of the matter is not hard, but practically it is hard, because said business is a giant, and you doubt you will be able to get anyone else to join you in your boycott.

21.) Your parents always think they know better, even though you are in your 30's and doing just fine thankyouverymuch.

22.) No one likes to hear: sorry can't disclose that info because of a confidentiality clause. They think they should be told anyway.

23.) Stress does in fact cause my body to cramp up, and sort of shut down.

24.) Beating the hell out of someone sounds like a good idea, right now.

25.) Anger is not rational, but then again neither was this experience.

26.) I would rather have my eyeballs plucked out through my asshole, with rusty forks, than go through something like this again.

27.) Life sometimes sucks big hairy greasy monkey balls.

28.) No amount of chocolate will make this feel better....

29.) But alcohol and prescription narcotics can, for 4 to 6 hours.

30.) I have dumb fucking luck.

31.) I curse more now then I fucking did before.

32.) I still love Halloween. They can't take that away from me.

33.) They are assholes, every last person in that organization.

34.) If you are only a cashier after working 10 years for a company, chances are they hate you, and/or you are dumber then a box of rocks, and to top it off, you are also a liar.

35.) Management will feign ignorance to get out of responsibility.

36.) I am bitter.

37.) My knee hurts every time the weather changes.

38.) My knee hurts just about everyday for no reason, but more when number 37 happens.

39.) I have a fucking bunion, and I blame it on them, the devil, the business, whatever you want to call them.

40.) I love my shrink. He keeps me sane with lots of happy meds, and listens to me without judging. I need to go see him asap.

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