Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dinner Party After Effects...

I suppose it was a success. I mean people seemed to have a good time, enjoy the food, and enjoy each other. Although that could have been all the alcohol!

We have a ton of left overs, which of course will have to be eaten, and with Thanksgiving coming, up, I am not sure where everything will go, well except my ass. I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner here. Long story short, it is just going to be Rob's parents, and the 3 of us. Works for me.

Ok, so in preparation for the dinner party we looked up many many recipes, from many many different chefs. We found a recipe for Italian bread, and Tiramisu, that came from Emeril Lagasse. That should have been all the warning I needed. But no, I thought it'll work. I mean how hard is it to screw up bread? How hard is it to screw up sponge cake?

Apparently not as hard as I thought.

Worst recipes ever. The bread was inedible, until I cut it all up, and smeared with garlic, put Parmesan on it, sun dried tomatoes, and baked it again. Basically making crostini out of them. They were good then. The texture was completely off, and it was the most bland bread ever. I have no fucking idea how that happened. Never fear I saved the bread!

The sponge cake. Oh.My.Gawd.

The edges got done. The center did not. And no it wasn't my oven. I have a thermometer in that baby and it heats to the correct temp. The batter was too watery/liquidy/whatever. And again, bland. So I found a different spongecake recipe, it had 3 ingredients. I thought, I don't know, but really what do I have to lose? Well the 3 ingredient cake? It turned out perfect. Light as could be. Tasted nice. Worked perfectly for the Tiramisu.

Everyone seemed to love the coffee from the French press. I have to admit, I am loving coffee this way. It is just so much fuller in flavor, not bitter, or harsh like you get with the coffee maker. I am in love with my French press, and apparently everyone at the party was as well. We have mad French press love!

Which reminds me I have to get more coffee. Which reminds me I have to go to the grocery store. Which then reminds me that it will be crazy crowded, and I will want to kill everyone, because they will all be asses.

I may post pictures later from the party. Of course, not the really fun ones! Heh.

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