Friday, November 16, 2007

Dinner Party Prep

The theme this time is Italian. So all things considered, not all that difficult, just a lot of prep.

I made Italian wedding soup yesterday, minus the pasta, that will go in tomorrow, so it doesn't over thicken. Made the broth from scratch, you know that kind of thing.

We are also have pasta fagioli soup as well. Which is basically bean and pasta soup. This will be a vegetarian soup, because we have a couple veggie heads coming. So I made veggie stock from scratch for that yesterday.

I have the marinara cooking, from scratch. Lots of garlic, mmmmm. Made Italian bean and Parmesan dip, omg, so garlicky, but so good.

I have roasted garlic, for various things. I have cibatta dough raising. I'm going to make Italian bread, and we have focaccia already made. We are going to make Chicken Parm, and portobello mushroom parm for the veggies. Pasta primavera, and for dessert Rob is going to make tiramisu!

We will will also have various cheeses, meats, marinated veggies, and all that jazz!

SO that is why I have not written in the past few days. Must go back to the kitchen, more bread to be made!

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