Tuesday, November 13, 2007

French Press, Stove Top Espresso, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

On Sunday we went out and got a French press for coffee. See we are on a mission to be able to make good coffee, and also espresso, for the dinner party. The problem with that would be that any espresso machine worth the money, is usually in the thousands of dollars. Yeah, I am so not spending that.

So we looked into a French press. Picked one up from the local cook store, where we were charged about 3 times as much as some other stores, but we got it none the less. Brought it home, and Rob made me some coffee.

OMG. I didn't think it would be such a huge difference. Wrong. The coffee tasted more rounded. Not flat. You could taste the flavor of the bean. It was amazing. Also it didn't feel like the gut rot that is regular brewed coffee. So fucking good!

Then yesterday I went to TJ Maxx. Just to have a look around. And I found an Italian stove top espresso pot. Well, I had looked at these at the cooks store, and they were nearly 50 dollars, which I couldn't justify spending. At TJ Maxx, it was 15 dollars!!! So I got it. I am now enjoying my first endeavor using that. It is different. More potent. Of course any espresso is, but this doesn't have that burnt taste that everyone seems to like, which is why Starbucks has survived (I hate their coffee, it is burnt and gnarly).

So I will be buzzing here soon from the caffeine as I am the only one who will drink the espresso. Well Spenser is at school, otherwise he would drink it with me. So I have a whole pot to myself, that should help with the process of cleaning the house!

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