Sunday, December 09, 2007

Call Out....

Where is everyone? This weekend has been incredibly quiet. Have not heard from anyone, really.

Sent some text messages to Phred, didn't hear back. Haven't gotten email from anyone other then spammers. And the phone has been strangely silent.

Just bizarre. Really really bizarre.

So we went to the "show up to the Christmas party or be shit canned" event last night. Ugh. It was as bad as I expected. I swear to god, a bus load from the local senior citizens home unloaded there. That and the weirdest looking people on earth club. Didn't however see Satan incarnate, yippee. Didn't eat anything but a croissant, because let's face it, they can't really fuck that up enough to make you ill. Everything else--various meats, hot dishes, cheeses and other stuff, I just don't want any of because I am afraid of the conditions it had been sitting in prior to serving.


Well let's just say I have been told that the Chateaubriand that had been ordered earlier in the week arrived to the certain location, frozen, and then sat out for 6 hours!!! 6 hours. Not refrigerated. Sitting out at room temperature, having the bacterial beasties grow. So I can only imagine what happened to the roast beef they had, the ham, the turkey, the chicken curry, the meatballs, and lastly the death in cocktail sauce--shrimp.


Yeah so not eating any of that. Ick.

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