Monday, December 03, 2007


So I dropped the provider I had, because in order to get off the company plan, they wanted me to sign a new 2 year contract, and to get the texting package that I wanted, it would have been close to 70 or more bucks a month. No thanks.

So I went
with Virgin Mobile. I got this phone:

So far I am happy with it. I can text easily, and I have been able to "modify" it. That was the difficult part. Apparently Virgin makes it so you you can't really hack into the phone to put your own ring tones in, well at least very easily. I suppose most people give up when it isn't just as easy as plug in, and move files. Not me. I am just that big of a geek, that I had to figure it out. Mostly because Rob was getting ticked that it wasn't the easiest thing, and it seemed like I or he would be able to do it. And I just had to prove to him that it could be done.

Well I got it done! I am so stoked!

Yippee! It's the little things in life you know?

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