Monday, June 28, 2010

My life, as I know it

My life is not easy. Never has been and I suspect it never will be. I often say that I must have been a real asshole in my past life, to get the "special karma" I have in this life.

Here is my life in a nutshell:
I am 35
I am overweight
I an moderately happy
I am moderately depressed
I am stressed always and in all ways
I am a female eunuch
I have one child
I have one husband
I will never have any other children biologically, or otherwise
My child has bipolar, and ADHD and possible Autistic Spectrum disorder
My husband, see above
I have bunions
I have trigger finger, only in my thumb
I have a cadaver ligament in my left knee
My right knee crunches like crispy cereal
My back is almost always sore
I have endometriosis
I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome
I may have diverticulitis
My boobs are ginormous
I have tried to kill myself precisely 4 times (and I obviously failed at that)
I work at an Orange Improvement store
I have no living genetically related grandparents
I love my in laws, like they were my family
I love my family like they were my in laws
I have two dogs
I have 2 people I consider friends
I have one person I consider a sister from another mother
My older brother hates me
My younger brother won't return my calls
My older sister exists
My younger sister is a surprise--a good one
My parents love me in their own way
My parents adore my child
I can cook
I look younger then my 35 years

I will add to this list later.

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