Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Work I go

Well I get to spend all day at the big orange box of tools today. I am halfway waiting for them to write me up, and or fire me, because I called in on Sunday. Nevermind that I sounded like a frog. Eh, not gonna sweat it. I mean how much can one sweat an 8.15/per hour job? Not that much!

Sad thing, I like the people I work with--for the most part. Of course everyplace has the asshole. We seem to have an overabundance but what can you do? The morale at the store is way low. Mostly because the management is not as effective as they could be. They recognize the slackers over and over again, and not those of us who actually work our asses off. It is frustrating.

I think I get to be in garden today, which eh, whatever. That is where most of the customers turn to assholes with just the addition of a little water, the same way the plants grow with the addition of a little water.

More later!

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