Monday, September 06, 2010


So tomorrow I have to go to a class to educate me on the various do's and don'ts of getting a CDL in the great state of Ohio.

I am hoping that it will be interesting, and that I learn what I need to know in order to get my CDL temps. That sounds funny.

CDL Temps. Hehe.

I wonder if we get to see videos on the wrong things--a la the videos you used to see in drivers ed. I hope it is interesting. I have 3 nights of it. And I hope I don't get lost trying to find the place. That is one of the things I will have to get better at. Not getting lost.

So today I did the couch to 5k thing. I am hoping to see results soon. Though I know I wont. My body just doesn't respond anymore to exercise.

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