Monday, September 13, 2010


Tonight I go to my final class, and take a test to certify that I took the class, and learned from it. Tomorrow I am going to go to Batavia, to the BMV, and take my written test for the CDL, so I can have my temps and starting training behind the wheel!

I get test anxiety, bad. Hopefully I won't this time. Not sure why I freak out, but I always do. Even when I take tests on line for fun, heh, never fun, and always freaky.

Yesterday my knee was hurting so bad, that I ended up icing it. This is my million dollar knee. The one I have had ACL replacement surgery on 2 times before. Having no insurance at the moment, all I can do is take Motrin and ice it. It sucks. Thanks Target for fucking my knee up permanently, even more. You can read about it here:

If a Target store was on fire, I would not piss on it to help out it out.

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