Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Look Back At 2006...

As the end of 2006 is closing in, I think a look back over this past year would be appropriate!

Spenser was off his rocker frequently. Many difficult days for everyone. Spenser link.

I also unsuccessfully tried to drop some menopause weight. Worked out consistently and yet could not drop the weight. Sigh. Example of crazy non weight loss!

I was begging the fates to have TOFOG come and play some concerts in the US, because I desperately wanted to see them live. I never thought they would be back in the US to do shows, and I certainly did not think I would be able to go and see them!
Begging the fates.

I was depressed for most of the year, which I didn't fully realize until October. At which point I felt like a total moron for not realizing sooner.
Example of depressed girl.

Then it appeared he, and by he, you know of who I speak, was going to do a couple concerts, in LA!! I was excited at the prospect, but certainly not counting on being able to go.
Is it possible?

Then it was confirmed. The concerts were going to happen. And i had to figure a way out to get there!

Of course there was the planning and the guilt for going. What can I say?
Airfare, hotels and guilt oh my!

I got tickets! Enough said!

And then it happened, and it all went so fast and was so awesome! I would never have thought it could happen. To me. It did and I am still in awe!
Wow, wow!

Then some people got shitty with me, after I posted about the Friday night happenings. Jealous hags! I had to remove content, because certain people were harassing someone very dear to me.

I suppose this will be part one! More looking back later!

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